weird goodship (hating?) flier

Recently there was written an article in the Metroland (Albany’s local alt paper) cataloging the Troy Night Out / dance party / social scene that goodship (a local collective of persons) puts on.

Specifically, Kevin Luddy, Jason Steven Murphy, and Ryan Jenkins rock the music / dance / video / party aspects of goodship, which is very much so the most visible side of goodship. weird goodship (hating?) flier (thumbnail) Troy, where a good number of goodshippers are located, is definitely an up and coming (read: gentrifying) town, and there are a number of pro-Troy groups. So …. is one of them behind this image? Some sort of who-do-these-young whipper-snappers-think-they-are kind of thing?

Jason pointed it out to me today; the image was located on a lamppost outside of Spill’n'the-beans. It depicts Jason’s head on Kevin’s body and Ryan totem-poling as the crotch. I don’t yet understand the significance of the drawn-on hipster beard/goatee things.

Yeah, I really don’t understand the context of the hate — so I’m thinking it’s just weird.

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  1. il Says:

    it’s appropriate that ryan is the crotch at least. they must have done their hw.

  2. il Says:

    oh yeah and make that the next flier for the next goodship event :P

  3. kevin Says:


  4. jts3k Says:

    isnt that the same image from the goodship badges linda was selling at OUTNOA recently? i didnt think the image itself was anti-goodship but i cant imagine the motivation behind putting up the flier. does this have something to do with the puppet menace?

  5. armando Says:

    jts3k — yes, i believe it is exactly the same image; i think the idea to make some sort of button or patch came from a discussion on the goodship list about the meaning behind the images.

    I don’t think the image itself is hating, but the quotes and stuff-that’s-underlined are pretty /choice/.

  6. raoul Says:

    i’ve got $10 that it’s noah m.

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